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FormAlloy Named One of 5 things to Look for in Additive Manufacturing at IMTS:

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

With the expansion of additive manufacturing at IMTS this year, Modern Machine Shop identifies 5 things to look for at the show.

Formalloy is highlighted under deposition, stating:

As one of the older methods for metal 3D printing, laser metal deposition is sometimes perceived—or more accurately misperceived—as a crude or simple approach to metal AM. Systems for building metal parts via deposition have now advanced in sophistication to the point that they are winning fresh attention for the possibilities they bring to part production and design.
Example: FormAlloy’s X-series laser metal deposition system offers closed-loop control, variable-wavelength lasers and coordinated powder feeders for printing bi-metallic features or metal gradients. Scanning technology on this machine monitors build quality and accuracy in real time to allow for auto-correcting errors.

Read the full Modern Machine Shop article about the 2018 IMTS show here.



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