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Phase II? Bring DED Repair to the Air Force

In July 2020, FormAlloy was awarded a US Air Force AFWERX Phase II contract to deliver an advanced DED machine to repair high value hypersonic components, most of which are copper based arc heater components.

High-value copper components utilized by the USAF Hypersonics Team at Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) become damaged at unpredictable rates, are sole sourced, and have lengthy lead times. The contract allows FormAlloy to design, manufacture, and develop a repair process the arc heater components to allow the test facilities to quickly resume testing and avoid costly downtime.

“The ability to repair, and potentially enhance arc-heater test components on-demand is a game-changing technology which results not only in cost savings, but more importantly reduces procurement risk and test downtime.”

- Donald J. Malloy, Ph.D., P.E., Hypersonic T&E Technologies Lead, U.S. Air Force Test Systems Future Capabilities Branch, TDX


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