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Our Directed Energy Deposition process can provide design features that can’t be achieved with conventional manufacturing methods; creating high quality, repeatable parts 2-100x faster than other methods with exceptional in-process monitoring and control features.

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Multi-Material Components

IN718 / IN625 / Stellite 6 (Left)

IN625 / Copper (Right)

Clad Example with Copper and Inconel.png

Laser Cladding Technology

Copper Component + Inconel 625 Clad

Provides mechanical strength to a conductive copper part


With the capability to add features and multiple materials, FormAlloy systems improve legacy and new products, improving mechanical properties to higher temperature capabilities. Our unique cladding capability can also be used to create wear and corrosion-resistant coatings that are 100% dense and bonded metallurgically.

Formalloy Rocket Nozzle Component_edited.jpg

Additive Manufacturing Technology

NASA Rocket Nozzle Part

Inconel 625

Door Handle Comparison.png

Additive Manufactured Door Handle

AS-Printed Resolution vs Surface Finished

Inconel 625


FormAlloy’s REPAIR technology can be used to rebuild damaged or worn areas of valuable machine components, dies or molds. LMD produces fully dense, metallurgically bonded features to the damaged part, with layer thickness from microns and up, thus enabling a variety of repair applications that require minimal post-processing.

Shaft Repair.png

Shaft repair process

4140 Steel


Finished Shaft repair

4140 Steel

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