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Digital twin capability for build analysis, validation, and playback

FormAlloy-developed DEDSmart® software enables the user to record all build parameter data that can be utilized post-build to analyze the component and verify the build quality. In addition, this unique capability offers a playback feature so that a process can be frozen and repeated as desired.

FormAlloy systems are designed to additively manufacture or repair metal parts with the widest range of materials. To accelerate development and produce high quality and repeatable parts, FormAlloy offers several options for in-process monitoring and closed-loop control. Combined with the DEDSmart™ Software Suite, users can harness the power of data to record, analyze, and improve builds.

Optical Monitoring

The FormAlloy Optical Monitoring solution provides a live dynamic range image to provide the operator a view of the melt pool. With speeds up to 55 FPS, customers can have off-axis videos for live access during the process and recordings for post-print playback.

Off-Axis Optical.JPG
Dynamic Layer Selection

Dynamic Layer Selection enables a layer-by-layer inspection with closed-loop operation to achieve geometric accuracy during the build process. A laser profilometer scans the build after each layer for a fast, accurate, and non=contact form of inspection. Enable the closed-loop operation to auto-adjust your build during the process and utilize the point cloud output for post-process analysis.

DLS 2.jpg
DLS 1.jpg
Melt Pool Monitoring and Control

FormAlloy can incorporate 2 melt pool variables to monitor and control: Melt Pool Size and Melt Pool Temperature. Size and temperature can be monitored along the optical path of the laser. With a closed-loop option for either of the variables, laser power can be adjusted in-situ to control the heat input into the part.

CL Control.png
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