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The Formalloy AX Metal Deposition Head provides an exceptional combination of performance, reliability, ease-of maintenance and value for additive manufacturing, laser cladding and metallic part repair applications.

Designed for robotic systems, manufacturing production lines and retrofits, the Formalloy AX enables state-of-the-art Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) and laser cladding capabilities for a wide variety of applications.


The Formalloy AX coaxial design provides excellent powder efficiency with liquid cooling for operation at power levels up to 8 kW. Various nozzle sizes are available to provide the optimum powder spot size for the given application.


The Formalloy AX head has been rigorously designed and tested using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) models and real world testing using Formalloy’s very own LMD machines. Durable materials are used to stand up to abusive environments and crashes, enabling use in the most demanding applications.


Various options are available to customize the Formalloy AX to a given application including:

• Nozzle sizes
• Optic adaptors
• Powder feeders - PF Powder Feeder and ADF Alloy Development Feeder
• Gas manifolds
• Process automation
• Turn-key LMD/cladding systems

Metal Deposition Head

Metal Deposition Head

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