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Engineering Services

FormAlloy offers a variety of engineering services including part production, feasibility studies, material testing, and research collaboration. Our Directed Energy Deposition (DED) experts are available to review and manufacture conceptual geometries and material systems.  

Cooling Design NASA.png
DED In-Progress_edited.jpg
Provide geometric features such as integral cooling channels with the potential to scale up in part size.
Ex. Rocket Nozzle & Heat Exchanger
Helical Rack and Pinion 3.jpeg
Manufacture parts for all industries.
Ex. Helical Rack and Pinion System
HR-1 Development.png
Parameter development for the next generation of metal alloys. 
Ex. NASA HR-1, The latest generation of A286 and JBK-75 Family
Pure Copper Cubes_edited.jpg
Develop solutions for difficult to "print" materials
Ex. Pure Copper Deposition
Copper-IN625 Clad.png
Create multi-material systems for improved properties. 
Ex. Copper + Inconel Enhanced System
Stellite 6 Clad_edited.jpg
Cladding for corrosion and wear resistance.
Ex. Stellite 6 Deposition
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