FormAlloy offers an array of products and services including their award-winning metal Directed Energy Deposition (DED) machines, integration of OEM Solutions, and manufacturing and repairing customer parts. Read more about FormAlloy solutions with the links below.

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FormAlloy's award-winning X&L Series Machines can FORM, ENHANCE, and REPAIR metal components with precision, versatility, and efficiency. Click here to read about machine specifications and features.

In-Process Features​

FormAlloy systems and solutions feature several in-process monitoring and closed-loop feedback options to provide real-time footage and data during builds. With the in-process features, application development time can be reduced and quality between parts can be controlled.

OEM Solutions​

FormAlloy OEM Solutions enable customers to integrate our technology into existing systems to transform their equipment into a versatile Directed Energy Deposition (DED).


FormAlloy continues to support the growth of Metal Additive Manufacturing by providing services to customers looking to understand the technology and how it fits into their applications. 


FormAlloy's DED process uses metal powder as the feedstock. By leveraging their material expertise and utilizing the wide range of commercially available materials in powder form, FormAlloy can complete projects with quality and precision. 

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