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FormAlloy's X-Series Featured on IMTS TV

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Watch interview with FormAlloy's co-founder, Melanie Lang as she speaks to IMTS about the X-series.

FormAlloy's new X-Series offers scalable build volume and can be used in an inert environment, for reactive materials, and also in an ambient environment. It supports multiple wavelength lasers and, with dynamic layer selection, scans products after each layer is built in order to detect and correct any errors during the build. This helps to ensure repeatability and customer trust.

Additive manufacturing is working to transition from prototyping to full parts production. With additional error detection technology, users will gain confidence in this technology to move toward full-scale product builds.

FormAlloy received Exhibitor Product Innovation Honorable Mention at IMTS 2018.

Read the full IMTS article here.



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