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X & L-Series

FormAlloy's Directed Energy Deposition (DED) Systems

FormAlloy’s X & L-Series Directed Energy Deposition (DED) systems feature closed-loop control, variable-wavelength lasers, and FormAlloy PF and ADF powder feeders for gradient or bi-metallic structures.

Our X & L-Series systems boast improved build quality with engineered equipment and in-process monitoring and closed-loop control, better powder efficiency, and the ability to print with the most comprehensive list of metal alloys on the market. Each machine comes standard with the FormAlloy AX metal deposition head and various build volumes with up to 5-axes of motion.


FormAlloy’s X & L-Series systems can be configured with Dynamic Layer Selection technology to monitor build quality and accuracy in real-time, auto-set layer thickness and auto-correct errors to achieve a part that is free of
dimensional defects. The FormAlloy AX head has proven
high powder efficiency and built in quick-release
features for ease of maintenance and component
swaps. FormAlloy designs all components and systems
to utilize open standards for powder supply, allowing
the user to provide their own powders if desired. These
systems provide a cost-effective solution for 3D
metal part production, repair and cladding to a diverse
set of industries.

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